I am one of those people who started niche hobbies during the lockdown.

Who are you ?

My name is Tania. I am a Social Intelligence Researcher at Ipsos, based in France. I am passionate about psychology, behavioral economics, and what I call the “quircks of the human mind”. I have very average drawing skills and I like witty humor – which I think reflects well in my comics !

Why did you create cartoonbias ?

I stumbled upon Behavioral Economics, kind of by accident, during university. I was immediately absorbed by the discipline and I wanted to share those concepts to everyone, even those not knowledgable in psychology. Through fun and relatable cartoons, I encourage the reader to reflect on the absurdity of human behavior.

Why cartoons ?
Instead of lecturing about abstract notions, I wanted to deliver a fun, digestible format – and what’s more fun than cartoons? When it comes to psychological concepts, we are better at spotting the straw in our neighbor’s eye than the beam in our own… Which is why storytelling is the best way to talk about heuristics !

What are your sources of inspiration?

I am a big fan of Buster Benson, Daniel Kahneman, @xkcdcomic.